The Kenya Organic Agriculture Network


Who we are

Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN) is a national membership organization for organic agriculture in Kenya. KOAN was formed to coordinate, facilitate and provide leadership and professional services to all members and other stakeholders in the organic agriculture industry in Kenya. Membership is driven from farmers, traders, exporters, service providers (extension officers, certification bodies) and research institutions.

What we do

At KOAN we provide technical advice, training, promotion and business support in the areas of;

  • Commercial organic production
  • Improved processing technologies
  • Organic market development
  • Certification support
  •  Coordination of organic certification and inspection services

Become a Member

By becoming a member of KOAN you

  • Will receive the KOAN annual membership newsletter
  • Become part of an active and vibrant organic movement in Kenya
  • Will be involved in KOAN activities
  • Will learn through contributing to activities
  • Get opportunities to link up with the global organic movement.

Upcoming Events

Our Partners