Kenya Organic Agriculture Network

KOAN is membership organization with members across the country and unites producers, exporters, traders, NGOs and other like minded individuals and organizations in promoting Organic Agriculture in Kenya. The organization represents over 200,000 farmers, exporters and works with partner organizations throughout the country.


A  Dynamic and Vibrant organic agriculture industry that contributes to a healthy environment, livelihood security and a growing consumer market.


To Lead, Coordinate and Create public exposure of the national organic agricultural sector, promoting its contribution to economic, environmental and social benefits.

Our Objectives

KOAN intends to meet both its mission and vision. To this it has set itself the target of develping competencies, skills and strategies in the following areas of the Organic Industry:

  • Marketing – We intend to boost the motivation of Organic producers by helping them find markets for their produce both locally and internationally.
  • Certification and standards – We need to constantly improve the standards of Kenyan organic produce along with those of the world if we are to compete, we therefore work to improve standards and get out producers properly certified.
  • Training – We know that despite our producers best will, without proper training they will never be able to meet the Organic Standards. We therefore offer training to our producers and those interested in changing over from non-Organic to Organic productions.
  • Extension and information exchange – After establishing markets for our producers and ensuring that they are producing according to global organic standards, we then ensure that they keep abreast with all the latest information so as to keep building on the advancements they have already made.
  • Networking – We create activites that allow Kenyan Organic producers to meet potential customers both locally in Kenya and abroad. At these events producers get to know each other and know what they all are doing organically speaking. These networking opportunities have opened many doors and will yet open many more for Kenyan Organic producers.
  • Policy and advocacy – Naturally, Organic producers in Kenya have worries and concerns about the future of their activities in a world where non-organic products have big budgets to fund both advertising and lobby & advocacy groups. KOAN takes on this battle as well for Kenya’s organic producers. We have successfully taken on the elements that in the past have tried to complicate issues and make life difficult for Organic producers. We hope we can continue to do this in the future.
  • Production – Although our producers are Organic, there are all sorts of advvancements being made everyday, both locally and and internationally, we endeavour to share this information with Kenyan Organic producers so that they too can reap the benefits of these advancements.
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