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Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative

Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative (EOAI) 2017 – 2019 funded by SIDA through the Swedish Society of Nature Conservation, (SSNC) and the (EOAI) 2015 – 2018 funded by Swiss Development Cooperation Since the agrarian revolution, conventional agriculture has been seen as the solution to food security worldwide. Agriculture became commercialized and large-scale production systems emerged where […]

Lake Bogoria

Empowering Communities in Lake Bogoria Production Landscape to enhance the overall effectiveness in the management and conservation of the Lake Bogoria National Reserve, through inclusiveness and consensus-building. This is a conservation project for the Lake Bogoria Landscape, a priority Landscape for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Phase six. The project supports community-based organizations and networks […]

Food Inspection

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City Food Systems

The demand for affordable foods in the cities grows at the rate of population growth modulated by changing tastes and cultural diversity. There is also a similar increase in enterprises to meet this demand, driven by desire for profit. These enterprises span across the provision of needed inputs and equipment, through aggregation transport and distribution to the consumer industry of retailing and restauranting.

Health and Agriculture – The “Missing” Links

Pulses, fruits, vegetables and traditional varieties production and processing businesses can offer new livelihood opportunities for millions. In this way, food systems can be leveraged to affect human health and nutrition: positively influencing food safety, food prices, household incomes and women’s access to productive resources.