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Date: 20th August 2021

Dear Sir/ Madam


The Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN) together with its partners invites you to the second Organic Industry Business Event on Friday, 20th August (9.00am) at KALRO KABETE (NARL). As you may know, the Organic industry is the fastest growing sub-sector in agriculture globally, trading billions of dollars’ worth of products annually. This global trend is gaining pace in Kenya with people seeking healthy food amidst the Covid19 pandemic and food safety lapses in local food supply. A burgeoning middle-class is fast becoming picky with food and export markets are becoming increasingly critical on sustainability, carbon emissions and pesticide residues.

The Kenya Organic Agriculture Network has been an industry leader making meaningful business linkages within the organic space. KOAN has assisted notable companies with strategic and much needed advisory and farmer linkage services that have led to millions of dollars’ worth of trade both locally and for export to date. In a bid to rapidly expand the organic space, KOAN has partnered up with the Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Africrops Limited, the Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya (OACK) among other organizations to foster organic market development by focusing on both the domestic and export market.

The Organic Business Workshop is an invite only event to present progress on organic business opportunities for the local and export market, focusing on organic products originating from Murang’a County. There will be opportunity to discuss and integrate new partners into the identified pathways within three main Strategic Business Groups;

  1. Organic Vegetables and Fruits for Local Market,
  2. Organic Herbs and Spices and lastly
  3. Organic Fruits for Export.

We are looking forward to your much encouraged engagement and participation in the workshop, as it is the next phase of exploring joint organic business opportunities. Meanwhile, please acknowledge this letter by getting in touch with the undersigned and Martin Njoroge Kimani – (+254  725 295 437 ) who will also answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time.


Eustace Kiarii


Kenya Organic Agriculture Network Tel: 0728 772 805 | 0731 772 805

P.O Box 2893 00100 Nairobi

Email: |






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KALRO KABETE (NARL) -1.259367, 36.774234 KALRO KABETE Contacts The Centre Director KALRO Kabete, off Waiyaki way, Between Nairobi School and Kabete Army barracks P.O. Box 14733-00800, NAIROBI. Tel:  +254-020-2464435 Ext. 300 E-mail:



Deadline : 20 July 2021

The technical framework and budget should be sent to 

For any inquiries call 0721 949 546

1.0 About KOAN

Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN) is a national membership organization for organic agriculture in Kenya. KOAN’s vision is a dynamic and vibrant organic agriculture industry that contributes to a healthy environment livelihood security and a growing consumer market. Its mission is to lead, coordinate and create public exposure of the national organic agriculture sector, promoting its contribution to economic, environmental and social benefits. KOAN Membership is derived from farmers, traders, exporters, service providers, input suppliers (extension officers, certification bodies) and research institutions. The organization goal is to develop key competencies, skills and strategies in the areas of Organic Production; Marketing; Standards and Certification; Training, Extension and Information Exchange; Networking, Policy and Advocacy.

In pursuance of its mandate, KOAN has received a grant from Biovision Africa Trust to implement an innovative programme which will increase accessibility of organic inputs among smallholder organic farmers in Kenya. In line with this, KOAN would like to develop an integrated organic inputs value chain management system. This will involve development of an e-platform where organic producers can order organic inputs using a mobile application, web application and a USSD code. The aim is to develop a dynamic system that has functionality of CRM, produce tracking, order management and reporting to Kenya Organic Agriculture Network

2.0 Services required.

The specific services required under this call for expression of interest include the following:

Build and Deploy a collaborative and internet based order management system retailing organic inputs for Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN).

2.1 The system should allow for:
• Input manufacturers to upload available inputs range with specifications such as usage, quantity and cost.
• Retail buyers to order from products available and orders processed by KOAN.
• Note paid and unpaid orders.
• Provide various reports to stakeholders.• Sectors to be managed through the BRP system:

2.2 Stakeholders
• Farmers/ Retail/ Wholesale Buyers (App and Online System)
• KOAN (App and Online System)
• Input providers (App and Online System)

2.3 Information Managed
• Organic Inputs ordering by Farmer
• Orders and Order Quantities
• Payments and Payment Reporting
• Client Relationship Management
• Supplier Relationship Management


3.1 Critical Activities
Towards the implementation of the system, the following will be automated:
• Tracking People (Farmers, Customers, Input providers …)
• Tracking Organic Inputs
• Tracking Orders and Sales
• Tracking Payments
• Reporting and Feedback at all Levels

3.2 Approach to Development
The suggested approach will result to the following (Not exclusive):
• Internet Based System (Web Application+API)
• Modularized System (Scalable Modules)
• USSD coding ordering system
• Accessible on all digital platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

Linkage with already existing web platforms and

3.3 Modules / Features
The following modules should be implemented:
• CRM Management
• Organic Inputs Inventory Management
• Ordering and Orders Lifecycle Management
• Security Management
• Dynamic Dashboards
• User Friendly UI
• Web based Interface
• Branch and User Functionality

3.4 Platform Requirements
For the user interface, the following is expected as outputs:
• Full website with organic produce loading and ordering.

• All stakeholders will be able to go to the KOAN orders website and manage their orders.
• Consumer App. An app for consumers to order organic inputs and manage their accounts which will include orders and order processing.
• KOAN App. Additionally there shall be a possibility of KOAN team to view and manage various sections of the eco system as required and manage orders from retail clients.
• Input Providers’ App the will allow for posting of inputs and management of orders with various reporting.


The project’s key deliverables will be the following:
1. KOAN website – Ordering Website
2. KOAN Input Providers’ App
3. KOAN Clients’ App
4. USSD ordering system
5. Documentation and manuals for the eco-system.

5.0 Time frame

The estimate start date is July 2021 with final hand over expected not later than 4 months from the signing of service contract.

6.0 Expertise required

KOAN is therefore looking for a qualified consultant or a consulting firm to undertake the services indicated above. The consultant should have the following:

a) Formal training at a degree level on computer literacy or related.
b) Have a profile of at least 3 databases or websites he/she has developed. This should be supported by contact persons and contacts of the clients.
c) At least 3 years’ experience in the field of developing mobile based applications and web based systems with end to end functionality.

7.0 Payment

The prospective consultant is requested to send a detailed financial proposal indicating breakdown of costs and total cost inclusive of taxes.

8.0 Technical approach

The consultant should send a proposed technical framework for developing the application.

The technical framework and budget should be sent to KOAN not later than 20th July 2021 on For any inquiries call 0721 949 546

The Subject should be titled as :

Organic Inputs System Proposal

Call-for-expression-of-interest-inputs marketing-system

The Organic Business Summit -Post Event Notes

Accessing markets and building viable consumer bases are a major challenge for all business ventures and the Organic Agriculture Industry is no exception to such realities. It has been our experience that to have any worthwhile business relationship, it is pertinent that all value chain actors from farmers, traders, processors and retailers (not forgetting supporting actors such as certifiers, government and non-governmental actors, inputs suppliers among others) work collaboratively. Collaboration fosters trust and allows players to identify, explore and actualize business opportunities.

The Business Summit was able to outline some areas of interest and to present compelling arguments of why the Organic Agriculture Sector in Kenya is ripe for the picking.

With such a rich pool of stakeholders represented we hope that the event will ignite the spark of collaboration among Organic Agriculture Sector players.

From the Summit Three Thematic areas of interest were identified for collaborative pursuit;

  1. Organic Vegetables and Fruits for Local Market
  2. Organic Fruit for Export
  3. Organic Herbs and Spices

The Business Summit was the just a 1st Step in many to, discussions in the various thematic groups have already commenced with many actors already moving forward in identifying opportunities.

In order to coordinate these collaborations WhatsApp groups have been set up based on the Thematic Groups(TG).

The groups are being coordinated as follows;

  Thematic Group Facilitator
1 Organic Vegetables and Fruits for Local Market Martin Njoroge
2 Organic Fruit for Export Clement Adongo



Lawrence Gitonga

3 Organic Herbs and Spices Emma Njoki

One has to be an interested party to participate in any of the above group and must offer some value to the discussions being held. The main purpose of the groups is to explore business opportunities that must Benefit Farmers in Murang’a County.

Contact Martin Njoroge – 0725 295 437 for more information.

If you missed the summit