Capacity Building on Production for the market

This employs an approach of introducing commercial production for a small holder organic farmers. In the past, organic agriculture training had been focusing on food security and sustainability at household level. This approach although successful in food security has led to very little presence of organic products in the shelves of mainstream markets. The markets which have been opening organic sections have suffered due to inconsistency of supply of organic products and lack of variety of such products.

KOAN’s response has been to build capacity of producers so that they can develop organic business enterprises that meet the exacting demand of the market place nationally and regionally. Aspects such as farm planning, record keeping and logistics are emphasized to enlighten the farmer on how to turn his farm from a sustainable approach to a profitable organic enterprise. The knowledge also assists the farmer to select enterprises according to the competitive advantage of the locality he/she lives in. As most agricultural businesses are family owned and run, the training focuses on encouraging participation of women in the training. In normal agriculture extension set up, it is mainly men who participate in training whereas the actual field work is done by women. This is in-line with the organizations gender mainstreaming policy.

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