Food Inspection


conducts inspections and analysis on foods sampled in different markets all over the country or commissions scientists to conduct such food analysis. This is in a bid to:

1. Safe Guard authenticity of organic food. Organic foods should not have any synthetic chemicals or heavy metal residues, by conducting such food analysis we are able to ascertain that the standards have been maintained and that the consumers are getting what they pay a premium for. If a contravention is detected, consumers will be warned and traceability will be conducted to identify the perpetrator and make sure their product are no loner marketed as organic.

2. Provide consumers with knowledge about food safety, pesticide residues are common place in Kenya, a fact that most might not be aware of. Therefore presenting scientific evidence of such findings provide consumers with tangible reasons to transition to organic.KOAN Staff collecting vegetable samples for food analysis in local market

Farmer’s Market

The organic Industry in Kenya is alive and bubbling. As a fly on the wall in many of the Whatsapp Groups full of passionate and driven organic players you can rarely go wrong with Organic Farmers Markets. And with the COVID 19 Pandemic what better way to get immunity boosting foods than from certified organic farmers?

Here are some of the Organic farmers markets in Nairobi;




Available every Saturday for many years , the INOGOF farmers market is the best place to source vegetables, fish, chicken and other rare items only found in the organic industry. You can find them at Kidventurous Restaurant along garden road. Once you become a regular customer, they will add you to their WhatsApp Group where you can order and have the produce delivered to your door step. If you would like to make a purchase, give a donation or just learn more about the group you can contact Martha – 0722 722 099


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INOGOF FARMERS MARKET -1.216945, 36.858745 INOGOF FARMERS MARKET  at Kidventurous Restaurant - Every Saturday from 9-12am