Fruits and Vegetables Supply System

Developing a sustainable supply system for fruits and vegetables from smallholder farmers in Muranga and Machakos counties to modern markets in Kenya.

The project aims at addressing key challenges in marketing organic produce from smallholder farmers which include but not limited to: weak linkages between producers and traders, poor quality of produce reaching the market, low capacity for farmers/traders to organize logistics (handling, sorting, grading, packaging and transportation) for products to reach the market, poor organization and bulking of products from smallholder farmers whose scale of production is low and lack of cold chain which jeopardizes quality management along the chain, weak guarantee system, weak flow of market information and limited awareness of organic products. The project also builds upon lessons learnt in previous marketing projects which include the need for strengthening supply logistics, cultivating strong relationships between supermarket and farmers, quality management along the value chain and developing a strong organic brand for higher visibility of organic products in the market.

The project is designed not only to address issues on one side of the chain but takes a holistic approach to address challenges based on past experiences at different nodes of the chain. These experiences are from the chain actors and not one organization. The implementation of the project will also be participatory involving and working together with all the stakeholders. This will critical to ensure success of the project.