By becoming a member of KOAN

  • You will receive the KOAN annual membership newsletter, and free access to any information focusing on the various aspects of organic agriculture in Kenya and beyond. You will also be kept posted on the developments of the organic movement in Kenya and around the world.
  • You become part of an active and vibrant organic movement in Kenya
  • You will be involved in KOAN activities including community development, research, public awareness, policy development, lobbying and advocacy, marketing activities
  • You will learn through contributing to activities and information offered free electronically and in print including WhatsApp.
  • You get opportunities to link up with the global organic movement. Through trade fairs, exhibitions and other forms of publicity.

How to join

You want to be a member of KOAN;

First read through the membership policy  (download membership policy).

If you have questions regarding the membership Policy you can call us on  + 254 728 772 805 / 254 731 772 805. Or visit us at our offices at CPA Centre Nairobi. (contacts)

After determining which membership category, you belong to you can either

  1. Fill in the online form provided: (download membership application form).
  2. You need to call the office to confirm payment before you are fully enrolled as a member
  3. Fill in the physical form and drop off your membership application