Governance Structure

KOAN works in five thematic areas: Production, Training, Lobbying & Advocacy, Marketing, Standards & Certification. For each of the thematic areas, there is a sub committee that is drawn form the membership experienced on issues related to the thematic desk. The role of the sub committee is to identify key issues affecting the thematic desk and advise the secretariat and the board on how best KOAN can assist in addressing the issues.

KOAN has a 12 member board, 5 of whom are the chairs of the sub committees. The Board is duly elected by members during the Annual General Meeting and is responsible for identifying the main challenges facing the organic sector, prioritizing them and identifying the means of addressing them. The Secretariat, which is currently based at the ICIPE complex, is the implementer of activities.

KOAN Current Board Members

  1. Ngugi Mutura – Chairman
  2. Patricia Wangong’u – Secretary
  3. Agnes Makumi – Treasurer
  4. Eustace Kiarii – Chief Executive Officer
  5. Esther Bett – Member
  6. Jack N. Rware – Member
  7. Timothy Kiroga – Member
  8. J. T. Muriithi Simba – Member
  9. Jeff Kahuho – Member
  10. John Njoroge – Member
  11. Alex Kiptarus – Member
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