KOAN Membership

KOAN invites individuals and organizations interested in being identified with its aspirations to join its membership. Any organization or individual willing to become a member of KOAN should have an interest in organic agriculture and/or wild harvests or any other form of agriculture compatible with organic agriculture principles. The organization does not limit the number of members, and members are encouraged to always keep the secretariat updated on their contact address and their activities, especially when they change them.

KOAN membership is open to individuals and organizations provided they will:

  • Be actively involved in organic agriculture or wild harvest activities or any other form of agriculture that embraces the fundamental principles of organic agriculture.
  • Support and endorse KOAN mission, goals and objectives.
  • Be willing to share information and experiences related to ongoing activities that pertain to organic agriculture and/or wild harvest.

Any member who joins KOAN needs to pay a non-refundable one-time registration fee of Kshs 200.

Download the Policy & Registration Form!!!

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