Organic Standards

The standards and certification arm of KOAN’s main objective is to develop affordable and relevant services acceptable at national, regional and internal levels. Our key goal is to enable farmers – especially small scale farmers – to access organic markets through certification.

Certified organic production in Kenya has been growing steadily especially in the past ten years. Earlier, most of the certified organic products were mainly targeting export markets. However, in the past five years the amount of certified products targeting national markets has been growing steadily.

The development of East Africa Organic Standards and the East Africa Organic Mark further poses an opportunity for the development of the organic sector in the region.

KOAN approach to organic quality assurence is market driven and multifaceted. This implies that while we recognise third party certification as the most authetic and internationally recognised means of organic quality assurence, we encourage other approaches which works for local situations and enables small scale farmers to access organic markets and help improves livelihood. These approaches include a agroup certification through ICS, PGS and Risk Based Quality Management. KOAN also work with other quality systems that are complimentary to organic e.g Fair Trade, Forest Certification Schemes, Utz Kapeh.

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