Barefoot Guide to Surviving COVID19- A Mighty Healthy Read

o  COVID19 hit us, right in the kidneys where it really hurts. Economies worldwide are smarting from the disruptions which forced many people to hole up in “Safety”. All rushing to stock up on tissue paper and hand sanitizer, in an effort to flatten the curves which were all so wavy and steep. The COVID […]

Kenya Organic Food Festival and Exhibition 2019

The Kenya Organic Food Festival and Exhibition 2018 Venue: Wangari Maathai Institute Kabete Date: 21-22nd September 2019 Gate Entry: Free The first of its kind in Kenya will host over 50 exhibitors including traders, farmers, input suppliers etc who will showcase what the Organic Food industry is all about. The event is particularly tailored for […]

Food Inspection

conducts inspections and analysis on foods sampled in different markets all over the country or commissions scientists to conduct such food analysis. This is in a bid to: . Safe Guard authenticity of organic food. Organic foods should not have any synthetic chemicals or heavy metal residues, by conducting such food analysis we are able […]

Farmer’s Market

The organic Industry in Kenya is alive and bubbling. As a fly on the wall in many of the Whatsapp Groups full of passionate and driven organic players you can rarely go wrong with Organic Farmers Markets. And with the COVID 19 Pandemic what better way to get immunity boosting foods than from certified organic […]