KOAN and Greenspoon Supermarket join forces to promote Certified Organic Products in Kenya

We are thrilled to share the news of our partnership with Greenspoon Supermarket. As part of this collaboration, we are delighted to provide a 10% discount on all Kilimohai Organic certified products offered at Greenspoon.

Furthermore, Greenspoon is actively pursuing additional certified organic suppliers. Their dedication to promoting organic practices means they are actively seeking collaborations with certified farms and processors. This creates a valuable opportunity for you as well as the farmers you certify.

We would appreciate your support in providing us with a comprehensive list of your certified farms, including their details and the dates of their most recent certification audits. Through our collaboration with Greenspoon, we aim to collectively strengthen the Kilimohai certification process and encourage more farms and processors in Kenya to pursue organic certification.

Furthermore, if you have farms that hold certifications under other well recognized organic standards such as USDA Organic, National Organic Program (NOP), European Union (EU) organic certification, Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard (JAS), or China Organic Standards, we kindly request your assistance in facilitating their connection with us. Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

To streamline this process, we would appreciate it if you could pass on our contact details to your certified farms. This will enable us to directly communicate with them. Our team is eager to furnish them with additional information regarding the partnership and guide them on becoming suppliers for Greenspoon Supermarket.

We are excited about this opportunity to strengthen Kilimohai Organic certification and expand the presence of certified organic products in Kenya. Your collaboration and support play an integral role in achieving our shared goals. Visit https://kilimohaikenya.org/all-shop-store/ to redeem your 10% coupon discount and check out other participating outlets. 

We sincerely appreciate your forthcoming assistance. If you have any inquiries or need additional information, please feel free to contact Martin Njoroge, Programmes Officer via martin@koan.co.ke or +254 725 295 437 without hesitation. We eagerly anticipate working hand in hand and creating a beneficial influence on the organic industry in Kenya.

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