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    Why is This Report Series Important?

    Kenya currently does not have a policy governing organic production, due to this lack of legislative framework, data on organic production is not readily available. Where the government tracks market data on all public market in Kenya, similar data is not available on organic. The Kenya Organic Agriculture Network is bridging this gap by developing sustainable data capture systems to allow meaningful statistics to be collected and collated for data driven decision making on the sector.

    This data transparency will allow stakeholders to benefit from information and grow the industry.

    Which Counties in Kenya are covered?

    The current statistics are guided by the "Developing a sustainable supply system for fruits and vegetables from smallholder farmers in Muranga and Machakos counties to modern markets in Kenya" project funded by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

    Data is colected from Murang'a and Machakos Counties from certified organic farmers who trade regularly with retailers or sell directly to comsumers in their locales

    This data is uploaded into KOAN online data management system by field coordinators.

    Machakos Organic Farmers Cooperative
    Murang'a Organic Farmers Cooperative